LDJ Catering is the fusion between 3 specialists with a common experience and passion in catering. 

With 20 years of experience in catering service, an international experience and working together for a few years now, this fusion of skills allows us to adapt diversities of needs by combining culinary knowledge and operational excellence


The world is changing fast. Our environment changes very quickly and brings new technological innovations, new ways to thinking and to consumption.


LDJ Catering is part of this movement and encourages the empowerment of everyone so that change benefits everyone: our guests, our customers and partners, as well as our teams.

We are proud to provide quality services for our guests to enjoy sitting.

We have kept intact our ability to surprise ourselves, our desire to undertake, to be different.
We are also proud to promote our values, based on simplicity, trust, transparency - which place the human at the heart of our decisions.



Why choose LDJ Catering?    

Your expectations are extremely important to us and we make it a priority. LDJ Catering provides an exciting choice of fresh & delicious food while respecting hygiene and international HACCP procedure. We offer you a bespoke service, whether you are an individual or professional we will be ready to serve you.