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Industrial & Office Catering
Industrial & Office Catering

Employees often work away from home and do not always have time to return for lunch. LDJ Catering can offer you different meals adapted to your activities and your needs.

Our Industrial & Office Catering  is in permanent (r) evolution, anticipating the expectations of your guests who ask us to surprise them, to help them stay in good shape and to adapt to their way to live.


LDJ Catering ensures this through the passion of its kitchen teams, creativity and innovation in dishes and flavors, many culinary animations... and its adaptation to each type of guest.


Whatever the space available on the premises of the company. With controlled waiting times and easier circulation, employees find a place to relax with fresh and varied meals. In addition, the canteen company remain fully customizable, in order to respect a coherence of the identity of the company.

Fluidity, friendliness, well-being, atmosphere... a good day's work always goes through a successful lunch break. LDJ Catering leading it!
We imagine for you new ways to share the meal in your company. Far from wishing to impose on you a global and unique vision of the restoration, we like to differentiate ourselves by a personalized approach; listening to you! 


Let's meet to create together a service that suits you.