Private & Special


Private & Special Events


Be the guest of your events

You organize a reception for a particular event and you want a quality professional caterer? Our chef will meet your requirements

Quality / Professionalism / Experience

Our Chefs will adapt perfectly to your desires and your ideas while preserving our quality.  One of our main considerations has to be the comfort and enjoyment of your guests.

Family functions, birthdays, anniversaries, cocktail parties, retirement parties, gala, bachelor parties, engagement, graduations, funerals, memorials, barbecues and more… or even a small private dining experience with a personal Chef in your home.

Give us your ideas. We will bring them to the life


Friendly & Professional, our team will adapt to the feeling of your event.


They also privilege the art of receiving and the pleasure of being together. 

LDJ Events offers you a tailored service in line with your expectations to create an amazing moment.