Food Safety
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Food Safety

Like any professional in the food chain, LDJ Catering has the obligation to put in place the necessary measures to produce "healthy and safe" meals. All services implement these rules under the control of our health and quality department.

Numerous microbiological analyzes are carried out every year to strictly monitor the production process and the respectful application of hygiene and food safety rules.

International regulations

The texts applicable to food professionals are grouped together in a set commonly known as the "hygiene package", which since 2002 aims to regulate the entire food products chain from primary production (breeding and cultivation) to the consumer's plate and this in all the countries of the European Community.

Each actor in the sector must comply with these obligations with full responsibility and be involved in the same quality objective in partnership with the health authorities. The safety of meals produced by LDJ Catering is part of a common quality approach with our customers and partners.


Texts of the hygiene package for collective catering

  • Founding Regulation 178/2002 imposes consumer protection
  • Regulation 852/2004 is addressed to all food chain, from the farmer

To the consumer for all commodities.

  • Regulation 853/2004 specifies the rules applicable to the sector of the products of animal origin 

  • Regulation 2073/2005 harmonizes the microbiological criteria to be met by comply with the food produced and placed on the market.

Dishes closer to the moment of their consumption.

At LDJ Catering, the Hazard Analysis Critical Point (HACCP) process is at the heart of our work system. It is a method that defines, evaluates and controls the hazards that threaten the safety of food. A long process of identification of the various hazards, then the implementation of preventive actions, a monitoring system and corrective actions were previously carried out and are continually updated.

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