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Our Engagements


Realize cooked foods, which has taste, retaining traditional culinary methods.
Select raw products for their quality and promote fresh products.


Teams tuned, available and close to the field for dynamic partnerships and rich exchanges


Professional, enthusiastic and sincere teams whose primary objective is customer satisfaction


The assurance to offering our partners a service with the best quality / price ratio in the respect of the commitments.

Our policy:

• Put the demands of our customers in the heart of our everyday concerns; suggest them an adapted offer and added value.
• Have a common project, work toward the same goal, have the spirit of initiative and collaboration.
• Develop management, share responsibilities and train staff for the well-being of our guests, our customers and our employees.


This quality policy allows us:

1. To meet the needs of our customers
2. To establish our values over time
3. To respect our commitments
4. To adapt to the evolution of our customers
5. To grow together


Customer satisfaction

Our quality department works closely with the operational staff to ensure compliance with our commitments and the monitoring of action plans.
Our customers must be able to see on a daily basis the positive impact of our policy on their institution.
The increased presence of quality department in the field ensures the effectiveness of our operational and preventive improvement measures and the respect of our values ​​and commitments on the sites.

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