Quality Charter: The Commitments of
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Quality Charter: The Commitments of






Take into consideration all requests and manage non conformities
Establish corrective actions and communicate them.
To be reactive.



Open up to new technologies in the food sector to enter the future 
and go beyond the expectations of our guests.
Surprise by introducing unknown or forgotten foods.
Initiate the journey through world gastronomic cultures.
To propose themed menus with a great variety.






Commit to reducing  our food waste.
To participate in the respect of the environment by using products coming from an agriculture respectful of the environment.
Promote as much as possible fair trade and proximity.
Guarantee the respect of the international convention favoring the respect of each worker.





Introduce children to a balanced foods and variety by offering menus that meet nutritional recommendations.
Promote healthy foods and introduce good eating habits.
Assist our clients and partners in the creation of educational workshops as part of the International Nutrition and Health Plan.






Respect good food hygiene and safety practices and the establishment of 
an internal control system at the level of the production units.
Commit to recruiting qualified and regularly trained staff.
Rigorously select products and suppliers based on strict technical criteria.
Establish a traceability of our products.




Promote exchanges during commissions with our clients and partners.
Promote and simplify exchanges with families.
Provide professional interlocutors.
Organize visits to production units and meet with staff.





Know best the needs and specificities of each of our customers and 
partners to ensure a quality service.
Collect the information and experiences of our customers and partners 
to develop appropriate programs in nutrition, our staff training and in communication.

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