The Nutrition
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The Nutrition

From the youngest child to the youngest adult, LDJ Catering offers concocted services based on fresh produce and encourages the consumption of seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables.
Our approach allows, moreover, bringing to the young guests a healthy, varied and balanced meals. This diversity offers children new flavors to discover every day in a healthy way.


The nutritional balance of meals served in school meals is regulated by law for each country.


To achieve the goal of nutritional balance school meals required as below:


- Four or five dishes offered at each lunch or dinner, including a main dish;

  with a filling, and a dairy product;

- The respect of minimum requirements of variety of the dishes served;

- Portions size suitable;

- The rules adapted for the service of water, salt bread and sauces


Thereby we offer meals constitute of 4 or 5 dishes, varied and balanced, we made available without restriction water and bread and we do not offer salt and sauces at self-service in school restaurants.

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