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To be Connected

LDJ Catering is committed to listening our guest in order to know their feedback on our menu, for that we have food committee and we treat our customers and partnerships with respect by listening their expectations.


Food committee


To contribute to the development of our menus and the improvement of our services, food committees are organized monthly internally with our site managers.


Catering committees are set up with all our customers and partners at the frequency desired by each of them. It enables each of us to talk, exchange ideas and make an information place. This approach aims to promote all people working on the restaurant industry and improve the quality of the service provided.




Assistance mission


This service is implemented in order to improve the dynamic relationship between our customers and partners. Site managers and quality managers inform themselves on a daily operation. They lead the performance of the service and coordinate downstream and upstream.


It is an additional tool conducive to support us on our judgment and also a vector of information and communication.

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