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Our Missions

The world is changing fast. Our environment changes very quickly and brings new technological innovations, new ways to thinking and to consumption.

LDJ Catering is part of this movement and encourages the empowerment of everyone so that change benefits everyone: our guests, our customers and partners, as well as our teams.

We are proud to provide quality services for our guests to enjoy sitting.

We have kept intact our ability to surprise ourselves, our desire to undertake, to be different ...
We are also proud to promote our values, based on simplicity, trust, transparency - which place the human at the heart of our decisions.


LDJ rules are:


Hygiene & food safety

All of our professional practices are consistent with international regulations, to ensure the safety of our services. 

At LDJ Catering, the Hazard Analysis Critical Point (HACCP) process is at the center of our work system!

The well-being of children is the center of our attention.


Our quality objective is achieved by respecting the original values.

Respect of the profession: To prepare a meals, which has taste, while preserving the traditional culinary methods.

Respect of the product: By selecting raw products for their quality and by promote the use of fresh and seasonal products.

Healthy and balanced meals

For all children, the restoration must be a moment of pleasure, but also a time of discovery and education while learning to eat balanced.

From the youngest child to the youngest adult, LDJ Catering offers concocted services based on fresh produce and encourages the consumption of seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables.
Our approach allows, moreover, bringing to the young guests a healthy, varied and balanced meals. This diversity offers children new flavors to discover every day in a healthy way.

Respect the environment

Commit to reducing our food waste.
To participate in the respect of the environment by using products coming from an agriculture respectful of the environment.
Promote as much as possible fair trade and proximity.

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