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LDJ Catering creates menus in the respect of the recommendations emitted and with the aim to propose meals with the recognized nutritional quality and to correlate them with the nutritional needs of our various guests.


Balanced and varied meals

The food balance is built on the long term and not on a single meal or a single day. That's why; we establish our meals on the basis of a meal plan of successive meals, declined over 4, 6 or 8 weeks.

In this food plan, there is no prohibition: all products and ingredients find their place. Depending on their nutritional value (lipid content, simple carbohydrate content, calcium content, etc.), their minimum or maximum recommended appearance frequencies are respected.

We pay more attention to the highlighting of fruits and vegetables, in all their forms and optimization of calcium intake.

A balanced meal is four essential components:

A raw vegetables for fiber and vitamins;
A main dish made from meat, egg, or fish for protein intake;
Starchy foods and / or cooked vegetables for the supply of fibers and slow sugars;
A dairy product for calcium intake;
Not to mention the water at will and the bread.

A shared pleasure at the table

The lunch prepared by LDJ Catering has 5 elements: an appetizer, a main protein dish, a side dish, a dairy product and a dessert.
In the respect of the food balance, a double choice on the appetizer and the main dish to allow everyone a freer and varied culinary experience.

We also propose themed meals to arouse the food curiosity of everyone, in order to create lunchs which are not only a need but also a real pleasure break and an educational moment.

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